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Vicon Valkyrie

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Vicon Valkyrie
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Vicon Valkyrie - opis

Vicon Valkyrie motion capture cameras.

Vicon offers a wide choice of motion capture cameras which feature multiple high-speed processors
that perform real-time image processing.

You can include the following cameras in your Valkyrie system:


  • Valkyrie VK26, with a resolution of up to 26.2 megapixels (5120 x 5120) and capture speed of 150fps
  • Valkyrie VK16, with a resolution of up to 16.1 megapixels (5120 x 3152) and capture speed of 240fps
  • Valkyrie VK8 , with a resolution of 8.0 megapixels ( 3712 x 2176 ) and capture speed of 500 fps

Currently supported FLIR cameras (for details, see the latest documentation for your Vicon
application software).